Michelle Feeney: Scent-Scape Your Life

Michelle Feeney, Founder, Floral Street, invites you to scent-scape your life!

Michelle Feeney, Founder, Floral Street, invites you to scent-scape your life!

Smell is one of our most powerful senses, and fragrance can really impact your wellbeing, helping to calm, balance or enliven your mood! Scent-scaping with perfume and home fragrances can help you feel good about life! Different scents can reflect how you want to feel, express your individual personality, and create beautiful and inspiring aromas to ‘zone’ your time and spaces.

“I think we have all found the last few years a bit challenging, so I’ve been wearing our vibrant and expressive Sunflower Pop and sparkling Electric Rhubarb fragrances. Their energising ingredients have reinforced to me how the power of scent can keep you feeling positive! Also, our homes are now having to realise so many functions, becoming workspaces as well as the usual living hubs. So, to switch between work, family, leisure, and self-care times, I light scented candles and use diffusers to bring different moods to different rooms. This has really helped to divide my day and maximise my life!”

“I personally love to delight people with scent, so burning our Lady Emma candle in my hallway creates a floral first impression to any visiting friends and feels like they have been given a huge bunch of flowers! Placing a vanilla bloom diffuser in the dining room emits a comforting feeling when we have our family meals, and lighting a grapefruit bloom candle in my kitchen really uplifts and brightens that whole space. Fragrance is such a great form of self-expression, and it can help you create the right atmosphere to boost the mood!”


  • Start by thinking about your scent story – ‘who will you be today’ and how do you want to feel?
  • Choose fragrances with scents that you feel reflect or amplify that mood
  • Opt for zesty, citrus aromas to motivate, uplift, or energise you
  • Fragrances with rich spicy ingredients like our midnight tulip or warm vanilla can bring a cosy intimate feel
  • Or waft scents packed with sweets florals for when you are feeling delicate and dreamy

“No one is doing sustainable in scented home products, but we have been a clean and ethical fragrance brand from inception. Our planet-positive perfumes and home fragrances are all vegan and cruelty-free created with responsible ingredients traceable from source to scent. We also make it easy if you are travelling with our Discovery Sets, mini candles and even our new 100% plastic free Scented Reeds that are so portable and you can pop them anywhere in any favourite vessel!”


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