a walk in history

In the company of One Aldwych Curator, Dr Matthew Green

Matthew would love to take you on an immersive whirlwind tour of the greatest city in the world.

He will meet you in the Lobby Bar and guide you through London’s labyrinth of cobbled alleys and snarling thoroughfares, and through the centuries, showing you a side of the city rarely featured on conventional tours of chocolate-box London; less the Palace, Paul’s and Parliament and more a cathartic voyage of discovery revealing the city’s hidden treasures delivered by a gifted storyteller and lifelong Londoner. As a world expert, you may ask Matthew to take you to see literally anything in the whole city, but one of these four critically acclaimed tours would work as the foundation.


Why not stimulate your body and mind on a Coffeehouse Tour of the oldest part of London, exploring how the arrival of the ‘bitter Muhammedan gruel’ in the 17th century transformed the face of the city, brought people together and inspired brilliant ideas that shaped the modern world? With unlimited dishes of the coffee, brewed exactly as it would have tasted 300 years ago.

2 hours

medieval wine tour

Step further back in time on a Medieval Wine Tour and experience the sights, sounds and taste of late medieval London, visiting palaces, plague pits, frightening gothic churches and ancient riverside ports. Brimming with anecdotes and revelations, it will challenge your expectations of life in the Middle Ages and furnish you with new, salutary perspectives on plague pandemics. The tour includes a coconut-shell of medieval rosé in one of London’s lost vineyards, as well as much modern wine.

3 hours


If you are feeling brave (and thirsty) throw yourself into a London in Five Drinks Tour, exploring how five drinks – ale, wine, coffee, chocolate and gin – forged modern London. Naturally there will be generous servings of 17th-century chocolate, Georgian gin and more.

3 hours

city soul tour

For those who prefer something more traditional and less bibulous, why not soak up London’s past on a Soul of the City four-hour tour of London’s most historic streets and their attendant wonders: Cornhill, Cheapside, Fleet Street and Strand.

4 hours

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To arrange one of Matthew’s excellent tours during your stay, please talk to our Concierge who will be happy to arrange an appropriate time.

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