Great Design…On A Plate

It was once a British tradition. Takeaway fish and chips used to be served, and kept warm in newspaper.

It was once a British tradition. Takeaway fish and chips used to be served, and kept warm in newspaper. That’s where the saying, ‘It will be fish and chip wrapping tomorrow’ comes from, meaning whatever makes the headlines one day is quickly forgotten.

With a playful nod to the fact that the historic building of One Aldwych used to be home to The Morning Post newspaper, the hotel has commissioned the British designer, Richard Brendon, who supplies Indigo with its bespoke bone china collection, to create a  plate with the historic publication as its central design. It’s especially for diners who order the hotel’s famous (and decidedly delicious) fish and chips.

It’s a gesture that reflects not only the hotel’s sense of fun and attention to detail, but the skill and artistry of Richard, who makes bone china that bridges the gap between heritage craft and
contemporary vision.

Traditions are extremely important to Richard, who honours craftsmanship by ensuring his production is carried out in the legendary potteries in Stoke-on-Trent in England, where ceramics have been fashioned with finesse since the 17th century.

‘The knowledge and experience passed down through the potters has contributed tremendously to the expert processes used in the creation of all of our bone china collections today,’ he says.

However, Richard’s designs, while at times reflecting the past and the rich history of British pottery, also reveal his pioneering eye for the contemporary.

Colour combinations are never predictable. Patterns can be as surprising as they are pleasing. It’s through this discerning and daring approach that Brendon feels he can not only protect age-old skills but rejuvenate them for generations to come.

This season Chef Dominic has given the most classic of British dishes a new take to give you the choice between his signature beer battered fish or Cornish John Dory in a crisp seaweed coating.


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