A whimsical Afternoon Tea Adventure

In the heart of London’s Covent Garden you can find a tremendous...

In the heart of London’s Covent Garden you can find a tremendous taste of Wonka wonder. In true Wonka style, we welcome you to our whimsical afternoon tea inspired by Roald Dahl’s much-loved tale Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Our afternoon tea promises to transport you to a realm of sweetness, creativity, and joy.

Indulge your inner child and adventure into the magical, mouth-watering world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with our afternoon tea, complete with a tantalising menu and a carefully curated, Wonka-inspired interior.

Here at One Aldwych we have been working with our wonderously talented, award-winning Chef Dominic Teague and the Roald Dahl Story Company to seamlessly blend expert patisserie skills with the best moments from the iconic story.

Our magical afternoon tea has been filled with delectable delights like our intriguing macarons and timeless Coronation chicken. Continue your culinary adventure with scrumptiously fluffy cotton candy and an assortment of mouth-watering cakes, candies, marshmallows, and creams. Should you feel the need for refreshment, accompany your feast with a sip of chocolate or lemon sherbet tea, water pistol punch cocktails, or effervescent Champagne. You’ll find sheer delight in savouring one of the most delicious stories ever created.

Here we share a little taster of what you can expect from the menu.

Fizzy lifting lemonade posset – inspired by the miraculous drink that defies the laws of gravity: “They fill you with bubbles, and the bubbles are full of a special kind of gas, and this gas is so terrifically lifting that it lifts you right off the ground just like a balloon, and up you go until your head hits the ceiling – and there you stay.”

‘Hair toffee’ mousse – if you dream of growing luscious locks you might want to give this one a go: “You eat just one tiny bit of that, and in exactly half an hour a brand-new luscious thick silky beautiful crop of hair will start growing out all over the top of your head! And a moustache! And a beard!”

Caramel chocolate milkshake (mixed by waterfall) – ever wondered why a waterfall is the perfect chocolate mixing device? “The waterfall is most important! It mixes the chocolate! It churns it up! It pounds it and beats it! It makes it light and frothy! No other factory in the world mixes its chocolate by waterfall!”

‘All the beans’ ganache (tonka, coffee and jelly) – dig into this wickedly indulgent three-bean treat before it’s too late, you don’t want to be a has bean like poor Violet:
‘Has beans?’ cried Violet Beauregarde.
‘You’re one yourself!’ said Mr Wonka.”

If you find this thirsty work, wash it down with chocolate or lemon sherbet tea, ‘juicing room’ mix, ‘water pistol punch’ cocktails, or ‘fizzy lifting’ Champagne – spot on for spectacular special occasions or simply an indulgent afternoon with one of the tastiest tales ever told.

So, grab your golden ticket and join us on this wonderful journey, where every bite is a step closer to unlocking the secrets of our own sweet wonderland. To book your Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea head here – tremendous things are in store for you!


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