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‘The Negroni has just taken the top spot from the Margarita as our most-ordered cocktail,’ announces Gosia Krok

There’s a shake-up at the cocktail bar

‘The Negroni has just taken the top spot from the Margarita as our most-ordered cocktail,’ announces Gosia Krok, our Lobby Bar Manager. ‘What we have also noticed is that customers’ tastes have switched towards bitter flavours – sour is definitely proving more popular than sweet.’

The Lobby Bar is renowned as one of London’s most glorious spaces to sit and sip a cocktail or three. It’s also the place to find pop-up menus that have been inspired by cool collaborations and celebrations. Recently, the mixologists worked with local sustainable perfumery Floral Street to create a range of cocktails inspired by scents – a real hit was Electric Rhubarb with gin, Campari, ginger, lemongrass and Champagne.

The main menu is divided into Classics, Nostalgia and Mocktails. But because this is One Aldwych, classic doesn’t translate to run-of-the-mill. Look out for hotel favourites such as the Pink Panther, a rose-tinted, sips-easy sensation and Dionysus, a rum, Aperol and juicylicious blend created in honour of our precious carved limestone head of Dionysus who gazes over the bar.

Spoilt for choice? When choosing your cocktail it helps to first consider which spirits you prefer. Then think about whether you’re in the mood for sweet or bitter, something short with a kick or long and refreshing. It’s also a great opportunity to sample unfamiliar flavours such as hibiscus or ginger Kombucha.

‘There’s never any need to feel overwhelmed by the choice because we’re very happy to guide you.’ says Gosia. ‘In fact, we find it fun to figure out which flavours you’ll like. And to be honest, we’re really rather good at predicting your perfect mix.’


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