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Modern Slavery Statement

One Aldwych, its employees and management, have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. The definition of modern slavery can take many forms – such as slavery, forced and compulsory labour and human trafficking. The common factor in all these illegal and deplorable activities is taking away a person’s liberty by another person to exploit them for financial, commercial, sexual or other personal gain. It is, most flagrantly, a violation of human rights.

Our company is committed to acting ethically and with integrity. To implement this policy, we have created effective systems and controls to ensure such activity does not occur anywhere on our premises or within our supply chains. We honour the disclosure obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and expect the same high standards of our contractors, suppliers, and business partners. If we learn that any of our suppliers or independent contractors has failed this standard, then we shall forthwith cease any trading with them and report their activities (or suspicion thereof) where appropriate. This policy extends to all employees, independent contractors, directors, officers, agency workers, interns, agents, and third-party representatives (“Relevant Persons”).

In order to satisfy the requirements of the Act above and our zero-tolerance policy, One Aldwych has put in place due diligence processes and employee and other Relevant Persons’ training (where possible) to increase employee awareness of Modern Slavery:

1. We encourage the reporting of any suspicion of such activities directly to our Board of Directors and/or a Company legal advisor so designated; and

2. We train our employees and staff, whether full or part-time, to recognise some of the factors leading to Modern Slavery; and

3. We have created a dedicated compliance team to assess any potential risk factors within our control.

4. We protect and defend whistle-blowers who report on any such activity.

To satisfy One Aldwych’s zero-tolerance policy, any employee, contractor, agent or guest who has committed, or is potentially engaged in, any crime of modern slavery shall be immediately dismissed from their job and/or reported to the authorities where appropriate.

Signed on 14 April 2022 by Janine Marshall, General Manager, One Aldwych


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