London's Environmentally Friendly Hotel

Since its inception in 1998, One Aldwych has had the environment and sustainability at its core, innovating in energy saving features, heat reclaim and water efficiency, famously having the EVAC drainage system installed throughout the hotel.

One Aldwych is a responsible hotel and considers the environment, its employees and the local community in all of its operations. We are proud to be a member of Considerate Group.

Our Passion

Our passion for sustainability is at the hotel’s core, however we appreciate that there is always more to do. We are dedicated to continuous improvement in this area with the whole team inspired to suggest ideas and regularly introduce new practices.

Our responsibility in action

New rooftop beehives and a bee-friendly garden to support the health of urban bees.

A chlorine-free swimming pool, which uses a mineral based cleaning system.

A comprehensive recycling policy with a focus on reduce, reuse and recycle at all times. 

Removal of all plastic straws and stirrers from the hotel.

A glass crusher on-site to crush all bottles and food containers. Crushed glass is transformed into ‘glassphalt’ (an alternative to conventional bituminous asphalt) and concrete.

The EVAC drainage system – a highly efficient vacuum drainage system which uses 70% less water than conventional flushing systems, for example toilets use only one litre of water per flush.

Water filtration and bottling plant on-site to eliminate single-use bottles and reduce carbon emissions in the transport of bottled water.

We manage the use and reduction of utilities, energy and water through our selection of equipment, energy management systems, policies and staff awareness. For example all lighting throughout the hotel is from energy efficient LED.

We have a purchasing policy in place with a preference for organic, free-range, sustainable, low energy, low air miles and ethical purchases.

Food waste composted on a Kent farm with vegetables grown on the plot served in our restaurants – table-to-farm-to-table dining!

We have a sustainable food sourcing policy with produce sourced direct via an innovative digital food marketplace app. Produce includes fresh fish direct from the boat in Cornwall and quail from Norfolk.

Natural and paraben-free SLS bathroom amenities from Mitchell & Peach, with its range of hand-crafted superlative fragrance and bodycare collections using fine ingredients from their estate in Kent.

We use bio-degradable packaging for in-room amenities.

In line with our sustainability efforts, the bed linen will be changed every second day.

We support independent charities; StreetSmart and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity.