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Treat our NHS

52 Overnight Stays at One Aldwych For Our Amazing NHS, Emergency Service and Carework Professionals

Having recently held our competition, here are the randomly selected nominees of members of the NHS, Emergency Services or Care Workers who are well due a bit of luxury here at One Aldwych:
  • Abigal D – For her dedication and care
  •  Alannah S – For her support for others whilst far away from home
  •  Amy H – For her care and compassion to others, no matter who they are
  • Chrissy P – For her tireless work whilst separated from loved ones
  • Christa W – For never complaining and always putting her patients first
  • Clair B – For working out of her comfort zone
  • Clare B – For supporting others through their time of greatest need
  •  Connie L – For delaying her honeymoon to work on the frontline
  •  Dara R– For her amazing resilience and incredible attitude
  •  Demi S– For taking the extra time needed to support others
  •  Giles C – For his tireless work in the face of great challenges
  •  Hannaa K – For all her hard work, especially recently
  •  Hannah E – For putting her wedding on hold to work supporting others
  •  Hazel S – For the hard and important work she does every week
  •  Jane B – For supporting patients with a smile
  •  Jenny T – For leading with professionalism, care and compassion
  •   John G – For bouncing back from illness to help those in need
  •  Jonny S – For trying to ensure the best care for others
  •  Kate B – For being an amazing friend and inspirational leader
  •  Kate L – For her selfless hard work
  •  Kirsty J– For constantly checking on the wellbeing of others
  •  Laura C – For her bravery and resoluteness in the face of heartbreak
  • Leena P – For working over and beyond the call of duty 
  • Liliana F – For embracing each day with a smile
  • Lindsay P – For her lifesaving efforts
  • Lola O – For stepping up to support others’ wellbeing
  •  Louisa J – For putting everyone above herself
  •  Matt B – For always bringing a smile and his best attitude to work
  •  Matt M – For working tirelessly to support others nearing end of life
  •  Matthew W – For his vital calm and considered nature
  •  Miranda T – For working tirelessly despite suffering from illness
  •  Nicki K – For being an inspiration and motivator
  •  Nicola F – For supporting the most vulnerable families
  •  Nicola R – For leading necessary expansions whilst being ill herself
  •  Nikhil P – For his confidence, competence and reassurance
  •   Rachael P – For never complaining and always checking on others
  •  Reece W – For his long hours worked away from home despite being newly married
  •  Sabreena M – For her selfless working attitude
  •  Sachin S – For his relentless hard work
  •  Safarina S – For her invaluable work supporting the wellbeing of others
  •  Samantha B – For her hard work in the face of personal tragedy
  • Sarah D – For being a wonderful person and member of the community
  • Sophia J – For her wide-reaching care of others
  • Stephen H – For his tireless work in uncertain times
  • Suzanne D – For her sometimes underappreciated efforts
  • Terry D – For his commitment and enthusiasm to deliver great results
  • Tim C – For always taking the time to look out for others, helping and guiding
  • Valery B – For her tireless work on complex cases
  • Victoria M – For her incredible hard work, bouncing backfrom illness with no hesitation 
  • Warren M – For his volunteering work all whilst away from his family

We are all unbelievably lucky to have access to the NHS and the exceptional service that the individuals working in the health and caring professions provide. Every day they dedicate themselves to the health and wellbeing of the rest of us and we are mindful to say thank you. But in the midst of the current crisis, we didn’t feel that was enough…

We are all about hospitality and are only too aware that when the immediate threat eases that there will be a lot of people in need of a little R&R. This is our speciality and we hope that a night at One Aldwych might just raise a smile and ease some fatigue. Each giveaway is for two people and will include:

  • Our Charlie and the Chocolate Factory afternoon tea 
  •  Cocktails in the Lobby Bar
  •  Breakfast the following morning
These giveaways are completely free of charge.


Initiated by Sarah White, an Artist from Devon, the #TreatOurNHS campaign started as a personal thank you. Sarah set up a prize draw to offer her 17th century hayloft to an NHS worker and momentum has continued to gather from there.

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