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Spirit of Adventure

Cocktail List

Reaching far flung corners of the globe our experimental team of mixologists have created a Spirit of Adventure. Be transported to Japan with flavours of the East, dream of sunnier climes as you enjoy tangy tropical tastes from exotic lands. Let your mind wander to the rolling hills of Tuscany and enjoy an encounter closer to home through some sensational blends.

Ring in the festive season with this year's irresistible seasonal specials. Bringing deliciously indulgent new blends to our Spirit of Adventure cocktail collection, the Lobby Bar's mixologists have created five exclusive cocktails each sparkling with their own Christmas charm. Available until 5 January 2020.

Read more about the inspiration behind our Festive Edition collection in our blog here.  
norway illustration

Norwegian Spruce

Warming, spiced notes

Norwegian Spruce - £22

Warming, spiced notes

Norwegian traditions come alive at the most magical time of the year. Christmas carols, presents and a large Christmas tree are just some of the much-loved festivities. Enjoy an indulgent twist on a classic with a warming blend of cinnamon, spice and all things nice.
Linie Aquavit | Antica Formula Apple Cider Honey Fresh Lemon Juice Perrier-Jouët NV Champagne



norway cocktail soa
prague illustration

Sugar & Spice

A classic combination

Sugar & Spice - £22

A classic combination

Christmas lights twinkle, snow comes down on Wenceslas Square and the warming scent of apple strudel are traditional for Christmas in Prague. This exquisite concoction will take you on a journey to the Czech Republic.
Plymouth Gin | Becherovka Everleaf Apple Juice Perrier-Jouët NV Champagne


Czech Republic

czech cocktail soa
canada illustration

White Christmas

Smooth and creamy

White Christmas - £22

Smooth and creamy

A sprinkling of snow, a pair of skis, skates or even a toboggan and the cry of ‘Jingle Bells’ all the way home. You’ll be dreaming of a White Christmas and a Santa Claus parade to get into the festive spirit.
Crown Royal Whisky | Vanilla Liqueur Egg White Maple Syrup Double Cream Fresh Lemon Juice Fresh Lime Juice Perrier-Jouët NV Champagne



canada cocktail soa2
germany illustration

Black Forest Berries

Festive fruit twist

Black Forest Berries - £22

Festive fruit twist

Home to Christmas markets, gingerbread, sugar and spice and exquisite Christmas traditions. A journey through the Black Forest promises to be not quite as it seems with legends and fairy tales a plenty.
Monkey 47 Gin | Beefeater Pink Gin Pomegranate Juice Raspberry Cordial Black Forest Berries Fresh Lemon Juice Perrier-Jouët NV Champagne

Black Forest


germany cocktail soa
jamaica illustration

Christmas Sorrel

A refreshing festive favourite

Christmas Sorrel - £22

A refreshing festive favourite

Enjoy the refreshing flavours of hibiscus, ginger and spice in this traditional Christmas drink whilst you drift away and dream of sunshine, sea and sand...
Appleton Signature Blend Rum Plantation Pineapple Rum Hibiscus Wine Falernum Caribbean Syrup | Fresh Lemon Juice Perrier-Jouët NV



jamaica cocktail soa


Smoky & Aromatic


Smoky & Aromatic

A phenomenon of nature. Geysers and volcanoes. The land of Fire and Ice. Iceland is a country full of contrasts and steeped in mystery. Discover your adventurous side and tantalise your taste buds. The aromatic and smoky flavours of vodka, bilberries and grapefruit are at the heart of this intriguing blend.
Smoked Reyka Vodka | Home-made Bilberry Liqueur | Fresh Grapefruit Juice | Thyme Syrup | Smoke and Oak Bitters



Midnight Sun Version 002


Vibrant & Zesty

Nobility - £19

Vibrant & Zesty

A zest for life and the outdoors, this noble blend goes back to the roots of nature and summers beside the lake. A zingy infusion of lingonberries intertwine with aromatic Campari and the fruity hum of blood orange and carrot, this regal drink is topped up with Champagne and served in a copper chalice.
Lingonberry Infused Absolut Elyx Vodka | Campari | Carrot Syrup | Blood Orange Juice | Champagne





Mellow & Nutty


Mellow & nutty

A river of honey gold whisky flows from the aged-oak barrel into a glass, a wee dram in Scotland is a cherished ritual. Discover a refreshing twist on a classic as this blended malt whisky mingles with chocolate, nut and stone fruit flavours for a mellow taste.
Monkey Shoulder Whisky | Chablis Wine | Home-made Buckwheat Syrup | Fresh Lemon Juice | Crème de Pêche | Black Walnut Bitters



Barrel and Dram


Smooth & Velvety


Smooth & velvety

Capturing the imagination of all those that set foot in the midst of this wild, majestic landscape, there’s many a tall tale and legend to be told about the time when giants graced the earth… A local whiskey with a history almost as old forms the base of this smooth cocktail. Enjoy an elegant twist on the Irish coffee, topped with a mysterious sprinkling of gold dust.
Bushmills Black Bush Irish Whiskey | Freshly Brewed Cold Arabica Coffee | Tonka Bean Syrup | Honey Whipped Cream


Northern Ireland

The Giants Causeway Version 001


Sweet & Theatrical


Sweet & Theatrical

Imagine basking in the warmth of the summer sunshine as you take a leisurely stroll along the Rivière de Charentes, where the glistening river meanders through the hills of southwestern France. Breathe in the fragrance of fresh pine and enjoy this rather surprising cocktail as it’s carefully cracked and flows into your glass.
Courvoisier Cognac | Ugni Blanc Syrup | Pineau des Charentes | Pine Bitters



Riviere Charente


A Mellow Twist


A mellow twist

The misty Scottish muirs and highlands, the sight of a stag in the distance, the autumnal crisp and crackle of leaves as they turn brown are the inspiration of this chaser. As you sip, let the elegant, complex and mellow flavours transport you to the Scottish pastures
Glenfiddich IPA Whisky | Hops and Pink Pepper Syrup | Fresh Lemon Juice | Crème de Pêche | English Ale | Crème de Châtaigne | Black Walnut Bitters Kombucha



The Boilermaker Version 001


Elegant & Refreshing


Elegant & refreshing

Take a hop, skip and a jump through the quaint cobbled streets of Cognac. Let your imagination wander as you sip the refreshing and fruity flavours which have been inspired by the town’s heritage. With a dash of Champagne, it’s as inviting as it sounds.
Rock Samphire Infused Cîroc Vodka | Manzanilla Sherry | Cointreau Noir | Pineau des Charentes | Champagne and Plum Reduction | Fresh Lemon Juice 



Cobbled Heritage


A Unique Contrast


A unique contrast

Native to the Scottish Highlands, the wild Haggis roams the mountains and hillsides freely. This mythical creature is much desired as part of a traditional breakfast by pipers and gentlemen alike. Aromatic herbs and spices linger, with breakfast notes of mushroom, bacon and coffee on the tip of your tongue as the delightful malt whisky and sherry make for a tasty blend
Fat Washed Macallan 12 Year Old | Sherry Oak Whisky | Manzanilla Sherry | Pedro Ximénez Sherry | Nutmeg Syrup



The Confluence

The Confluence

A Smoky Berry Treat

The Confluence - £18

A Smoky Berry Treat

Imagine the gentle ebb and flow of two rivers at the confluence where they harmoniously become one. The Gaelic translation for whisky is the ‘water of life’ which perfectly sums up this exquisite blend of rich berry flavours, honey and spice of vanilla.
Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Whisky Apple and Berry Mulled Wine Vanilla Infused Amaro Montenegro Honey Peated Whisky



The Piper

Basilica Catalan

Delicate & Silky Twist

Basilica Catalan - £17

Delicate & Silky Twist

Vibrant and colourful, the beating heart of Catalonia, Barcelona is a mecca for artists and architects alike. Inspired by the unique and flamboyant style of Antoni Gaudí, enjoy a refreshing blend of aromatic gin, a whirl of tonic, a dash of Spanish bitters and sherry.
Gin Mare | Mediterranean Tonic Reduction Tio Pepe Dry Sherry Spanish Bitters



Basilica Catalan

Highland Fling

Long, Fresh & Fruity

Highland Fling - £17

Long, Fresh & Fruity

One step, two step, three step, four. Put a spring in your step as this fresh and fruity creation pays homage to the national dance of Scotland. Traditionally performed as a victory sequence after battle, this dance requires plenty of delicate balance and precision, which our perfectly intricate blend honours with a combination of soft flavours and tangy notes. It is the perfect excuse to enjoy a fling with us.
Naked Grouse Whisky | Rhubarb and Raspberry Liqueur Fresh Lemon Juice Elderflower Cordial Vanilla Soda



Highland Fling


A Taste of the East


A Taste of the East

Embark on a sensational adventure to the East with a fluster of flavours that will transport you to the colourful scene of Japan in springtime. As the country becomes blanketed in beautiful cherry blossom, let the mist of green mandarin captivate you in a moment in time as you are invited to share this wonderful fusion of sweet notes and floral essences just as the locals would.
Roku Gin | Plum Umeshu Mandarin Juice Yuzu Juice Fuji Bitters Green Tea Soda



Osaka Blossom Veresion 006

Route 52

Tall & Tangy

Route 52 - £17

Tall & Tangy

Catch a ride on Route 52 to experience the fresh aromas of the Bluegrass State with a blend of rich and tangy flavours. It’s always worth taking the road less travelled to discover the strong sense of land in Kentucky. Its fertile soil allows a wonderful range of produce to flourish, including a variety of fruit and vegetables that have provided the inspiration for a unique concoction that will make you feel like you’re on the road again.
Maker’s Mark Bourbon Whisky | Rocket Syrup Black Cherry Jam Fresh Lemon Juice Prucia Liqueur Honey and Ginger Lemon Soda Orange Tree Bitters



Route 52

La Dolce Vita

Delicate & Decadent

La Dolce Vita - £19

Delicate & Decadent

Be transported to the rolling hills of Tuscany or the bustling streets of Florence with this flirty and aromatic concoction. Drawing inspiration from the rural fields with all its colourful, organic produce and the decadence of the Renaissance architecture found in the heart of the city, this classy blend is a true work of art. La Dolce Vita or ‘The Sweet Life’ has never tasted so good.
Violet Carrot infused VKA Vodka Ippocrate Vermouth Tuscan Vermouth di Prato Syrah Juice Prosecco
Lemon Air



La Dolce Vita

Ferry Rock

Electric & Flamboyant

Ferry Rock - £17

Electric & flamboyant

Head north to discover the sweeping cliffs and coastal air that welcomes you in the charming fishing town of Girvan. Inspired by the bright colours of the surrounding fields and the mysterious landmark of Ailsa Craig that emerges from the sea, everything about this playful twist on the traditional gin and tonic will surprise your taste buds at every sip with its floral and fruity notes.
Butterfly Pea Flower Infused Hendrick’s Italicus Rosolio Bergamot Liqueur Home-made Raspberry and Lemongrass Cordial Fresh Lemon Juice Violet Citrus Tonic



Ferry Rock

Mexican Cactus

Sweet & Smoky

Mexican Cactus - £17

Sweet & Smoky

Choose to adventure on the wild side with a complex and refreshing blend that honours the perfectly prickly yet proud plants that grace the land of Mexico. Growing in all shapes and sizes and known for flourishing in an arid climate, there’s very little that prevents the cactus from thriving. Capturing the essence of the country’s most renowned ingredients, this sweet and smoky concoction promises a balance of sour and fruity flavours.
Olmeca Altos Tequila Del Maguey Vida Mezcal Roasted Pineapple Syrup Spicy Cactus PuréFresh Lime Juice Guava Soda



Mexican Cactus

Lighthouse Beacon

Refined British Elegance

Lighthouse Beacon - £17
For 2 Sharing - £30

Refined British Elegance

There’s no escaping the spirit of the sea in the coastal town of Plymouth as the fresh air sweeps across the bright green space. Grounding its status, Smeaton’s Tower stands tall reminding us of the maritime history. Serve yourself a touch of tradition with this long and refreshing blend that combines minty notes and a splash of milk with the gentle flavours of Earl Grey tea.
Plymouth Gin | Earl Grey Tea Milk Fresh Lemon Juice Crème de Menthe Verte



Lighthouse Beacon Version 002

Royal Spice

Sweet, Spicy & Surprising

Royal Spice - £17

Sweet, spicy & Surprising

A skyline of towering buildings can be found amongst unparalleled character in a cosmopolitan city steeped in fascinating history. Celebrating the diverse lifestyles that prosper in London has influenced us to create a truly regal blend. For those who enjoy a mixture of sweet and sour you’ll be delighted with this spicy yet delicate blend that is full of hidden surprises.
Marigold Infused Tanqueray 10 Gin Fresh Pomegranate Juice Fresh Lemon Juice Pink Grapefruit Liqueur | Cointreau Noir Electric Bitters Magic Berry



Royal Spice

Vintage Wheels

Fruity & Spicy Layers

Vintage Wheels - £17

Fruity & Spicy Layers

Step back in time to discover Cuba at its very best with a fresh and fruity layered blend that will guide you on an exciting journey. This small island boasts being the home to one of the oldest copper mines and being one of the first producers of Aloe Vera for medicinal purposes – and let’s not forget its impressive classic car collection. Let your taste buds experience the crisp Aloe Vera tones, fruity textures and a hint of spice that ooze the charm of the Caribbean.
Havana 7 Rum | Almond Milk Crème de Banane Aloe Vera Juice Fresh Lime Juice Green Tabasco Piña Colada Foam

Santa Cruz


Vintage Wheels

Mariachi Twist

A Tantalising Tang

Mariachi Twist - £17

A tantalising Tang

Let your inner Mariachi shine with a fresh and citrus blend that matches the unique sound of Mexico. The crowded plaza of Guadalajara comes to life with musicians playing traditional instruments and dressed to impress in a charro suit, inspired by the Mexican cowboys from the state of Jalisco. Combine these melodic cultures with sweet, tropical flavours and you’ll be reaching for your sombrero and instrument in no time.

Don Julio Tequila | Fresh Lime Juice Agave Syrup Mango Juice Mexican Beer Citrus Foam



Mariachi Twist

Whispering Gallery

A Taste of Great Britain

Whispering Gallery - £19

A taste of Great Britain

Take a step inside a space so impressive and majestic, it introduces itself. We promise the climb of 257 steps will be worth it to experience the echoes of the Whispering Gallery and marvel at the impressive dome structure and vertiginous view of St Paul’s below. Take a sip on this fresh yet complex blend that is nothing short of magnificent to encounter the delicate and mellow flavours that remain true to its British heritage.
City of London Distillery Gin | Tea and Bergamot Cordial Elderflower Liqueur Henners English Sparkling Wine Edible Gold Leaf



Whispering Gallery