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London Zurich - November 2015
The amount of work that goes into five-star standards is astounding
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Forbes - October 2015
London's One Aldwych: Ground Zero for the Covent Garden Renaissance
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The Lion Headed - September 2015
Lovely London - A fashion week side plot at "the beautiful and lovely One Aldwych hotel' Read the full article

Essence Magazine - September 2015
One Aldwych - A stay at One Aldwych offers "top-notch service in an intimate setting." Read the full article

Cook Sister - September 2015
One Aldwych - "the perfect place to stay for a bit of urban pampering"
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The Avid Cruiser - August 2015
At one with One Aldwych
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Fathom Away
Transported from Old London to New London at One Aldwych 
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Six London hotels with cinemas
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Global Blue 
A London Fashion Week round-up of the top things to see and do with 14 of London's secret fashion hotspots
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Coco's Tea Party - January 2015
The fashion blogger visits One Aldwych to shoot some fashion style features in the hotel Lobby Bar.
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The Real Critics Guide - January 2015
"This place really is something else. From the moment the concierge opens the door for you and smiles, you know you're in for a treat."
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The Elgin Avenue - January 2015
"The lobby is grand, but not overwhelming, and those cocktails are just so. I don't normally like whiskey-based cocktails but whatever the barman does to them at One Aldwych is phenomenal, and I always end up ordering one."
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The Caterer - December 2014
The Caterer names Mark's Lobby Bar tree as its "Christmas Tree of the Week"
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Harper's Bazzar - August 2014
"It's not trying to be a Royal favourite, such as The Goring, or a modernist's dream, along the lines of its new Norman Foster-designed neighbour, ME London."
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The Luxe Life - June 2014
The lifestyle blogger enjoys a luxury weekend 'staycation' One Aldwych. 
Read the full review - June 2014
"If you're going to London, One Aldwych is a must-visit". The travel blogger reviews One Aldwych during his latest trip to the city. 
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Manchester Evening News - June 2014
"While there are hotels in Seven Dials itself (the fabulous Mercer Street Hotel, for one), there aren't many as coolly understated at One Aldwych, nor as perfectly situated for a theatre trip." Manchester Evening News stays at One Aldwych for the weekend whilst exploring Seven Dials.
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The Parisian Eye - June 2014
The luxury, fashion, travel, beauty and lifestyle blogger enjoys an overnight stay at One Aldwych during his latest trip to the city.
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Domestic Sluttery - April 2014
The home and lifestyle blog enjoys an overnight stay, a Film & Fizz evening and a delicious dinner.
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Stylist Magazine - December 2013
One Aldwych has been included in a round-up of top eco hotels on
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Frette - August 2013
One Aldwych is named Hotel of the Month by the luxury linen company Frette.
Read an interview with the hotel's General Manager, Kostas Sfaltos - July 2013
"After an absolutely perfect stay at One Aldwych (and I don't say that lightly) where my every creature comfort was met and often surpassed, I wholeheartedly suggest you save yourself from tedious hotel research and simply go online immediately and book a room, any room."
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Style Nest - June 2013
Find out why Style Nest are championing One Aldwych as the place to stay in London this summer.
Read the review - February 2013
After experiencing One Aldwych, David Findlay from the Edinburgh Evening News said, "When I next come to stay in London, it will most certainly be the One (and only) Aldwych".
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Running in Heels - January 2013
"Fashionistas rejoice: if you worship at the altar of Valentino then you are about to be utterly blessed..." Running in Heels reviews our very crave-worthy Very Valentino package.Read the full article.

FashionBite - January 2013
For a fabulous Valentine's Day treat, Emily at FashionBite suggests our Valentino afternoon tea or overnight package.
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Everett Potter - December 2012
'No place makes me feel as privileged and well cared for as One Aldwych'. The contributors to Everett Potter's Travel Report name One Aldwych as one of their 20 most memorable places to stay in 2012.
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40 Before 30 - December 2012
Impeccable and personal service, great in-room gadgets, a 'Boss Breakfast', fancy touches like serene music played in the pool and a location on the corner of London's Covent Garden, to find out why One Aldwych ticks all the right boxes for Jayne and her boyfriend,
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Time Out London
One Aldwych Christmas tree is one of Time Out's favourite alternative trees in London this year.
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London Hotels Insight - September 2012
One Aldwych is featured in this online guide's round up of London's best boutique hotels.
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Fashion Bite - September 2012
One Aldwych became a hub for bloggers during London Fashion Week.
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London Hotel Insight - September 2012
There is lots of excitement surrounding the launch of Lounge at One, our new private guest lounge.
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Luxury Travel Magazine - September 2012
This leading online magazine for discerning travelers reports on our new guest lounge, Lounge at One.
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Teatime in Wonderland - September 2012
Chocoralie has taken some brilliant photos of our unique installation by milliner Noel Stewart and our florist Mark Siredzuk which is on display during London Fashion Week.
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You and Your Wedding - July 2012
"City slicker hens, gather your best girls, there's a pre-wedding party that's just your cup of tea".
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The Arbuturian - May 2012
"I will always remember One Aldwych because they made us feel special. And if that's not the aim of a luxury hotel, then I don't know what is."
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Handpicked Media - February 2012
Find out what happened when Handpicked's bloggers came to our Dome Suite to relax and was London Fashion Week.
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Fashion Fois Gras - February 2012
One of our favourite bloggers reports on how she spent her breaks between London Fashion Week shows watching Glee, having massages and experimenting with spring collections in our special bloggers suite.
Click here to read the blog - February 2012
Find out about Alex's time at One Aldwych, read her review of our Moët Movies on the Menu evenings and see photos of her hi-jinks in the snow!
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Fashion Foie Gras: One Night at One Aldwych - January 2012
One Aldwych is recommended as the place to stay for London Fashion Week.
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Tea Time in Wonderland - January 2012
'No stress, complete relaxation'. Cocoralie reviews her weekend break at One Aldwych with her 1 and 6 year old.
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Mademoiselle Robot - December 2011
To celebrate her birthday, influential fashion blogger Mademoiselle Robot enjoyed a staycation at One Aldwych.
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Bitch Buzz - November 2011
"If you're looking for a luxurious place to stay in London for a special occasion, anniversary, or just because you can - One Aldwych is your perfect choice."
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The Purple Passport - October 2011
"Oh, One Aldwych, don't go changing…you couldn't please me more." 
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Travelettes - October 2011
Champagne afternoon tea, shopping, spa treatments and more... Luise Müller-Hofstede reviews her stay at One Aldwych.
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Vanity Fair Italy - October 2011
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The Travel Magazine - August 2011
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The Australian Wish - March 2011
"It's rare in London to get a hotel room with a view but at One Aldwych the room WISH stayed in had a striking view right down Waterloo Bridge. The rooms are light and spacious and, for what it's worth, of the hotels we tried in London, we had the best night's sleep at One Aldwych."
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